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Enjoy our mini-SPA.

We provide unique massage services, including relaxation massage, deep relaxation massage, milk chocolate massage, sweet honey massage, lava stone massage and massages for two.  




Traditional Massage

Price: 30 min - PLN 80 / 60 min - PLN 160

Traditional back massage,combines a number of traditional massage techniques, including rubbing, stroking, squeezing, pushing, patting. The treatment aims to improve the mental and physical condition of the patient. It has therapeutic, relaxing and stimulating effects. 

Therapeutic Massage

Price: 30 min - PLN 60

Therapeutic massage is one of the best rehabilitation tools. The techniques used  here greatly support quick recovery after a range of of ailments, including bruises, fractures, painful disorders. It can also be used as a part of rehabilitation process after strokes or mastectomy.


Relaxation Massage

Price: 30 min - PLN 80 / 60 min - PLN 160

This form of massage is the most appropriate or people experiencing a lot of stress. Relaxing massage stimulates the skin and muscles, reducing high tension. It restores normal heart rhythm and improves blood circulation.

Sports Massage

Price: 20 min - PLN 40

Sports massage is an integral part of every athlete`s training. It has a lot in common with traditional massage, except that it is performed using more force and energy. It helps to prevent injuries, eliminates the effects of over-training, warms up and relaxes the muscles, preventing sore muscles after exercise.

Isometric Massage

Price: 15 min - PLN 40

Isometric massage is used to support efficient rehabilitation, especially after partial limb immobilisation or injuries involving muscle weakness, as well as   after long convalescence. It is also used as a slimming massage which supports reductions of subcutaneous adipose tissue. It may also contribute to the growth of muscle mass and strength.

Hot Stone Massage

Price: 60 min - PLN 140

Hot stone massage has a relaxing, revitalizing and healing effect on the whole body. It perfectly eliminates all tensions and muscle pain, especially after a long physical effort.

Mud Peloid Wraps

Price: 30 min - PLN 70

Peloid is a natural therapeutic substance created through the rotting of plants in the aquatic environment, occurring thanks to micro-organisms and limited air access. It is widely used in convalescence and wellness treatments. Peloid owes its medicinal properties to high heat capacity and weak heat conductivity combined with the enormous richness of biochemical compounds, among which humic acids are of the greatest importance. These acids ensure bactericidal, virucidal and anti-inflammatory properties of mud wraps.


Chinese Cupping Massage

Price: 30 min - PLN 60

This is a relaxing treatment which can be used as slimming massage and a cellulite combating tool. Massage  with Chinese cups relieves pain, improves blood circulation, reduces lymphedema and help to combat cellulite.








Lymphatic Drainage

Price: 30 min - PLN 40

Lymphatic drainage, also referred to as pressure massage, is one of the most effective treatments for lymphedema and cellulite. It is a fairly pleasant massage technique which improves the body`s metabolism, stimulates the lymphatic system, supporting the cleansing process and transfer of fat released during other treatments (for example Cryolipolysis) into the lymphatic system.

Hot Chocolate Massage

Price: 60 min - PLN 140

Chocolate is rich in iron, magnesium, zinc, calcium, theobromine and caffeine. They stimulate blood circulation in the skin, bind water and smooth the skin, improving its appearance. This massage, thanks to the wonderful aroma of hot chocolate and sweetness, instantly improves mood, relaxes and sets positive attitude to life.

Anti-cellulite massage

Price: 30 min - PLN 70

It is an intense massage using specially blended massage techniques to improve circulation throughout the body, especially the places affected by cellulite. Massage has an effect on subcutaneous tissue by removing toxin and harmful metabolism product deposits, reducing lymphedema and supporting proper functioning of the whole body.

Candle Wax Massage

Price: 30 min - PLN 80 / 60 min - PLN 140

Aromatic candle wax massage is a great way to unwind and relax. It is especially recommended for all tired women who struggle with stress and want to forget about everyday problems and wishing to improve their skin condition.







Your stay in CINNAMON is a moment of relaxation after a hard day or a long conference. Professional masseurs, cinnamon incense, relaxing music, candlelight and the aroma of warm massage oil will make you feel as if you have travelled to the farthest corners of the world. All this waits for you in cosy and warm CINNAMON - Beauty & Massage. Come and see for yourself!

All guests can enjoy dry sauna. Sauna has a very good impact on our health and the appearance of our skin. Blood vessels expand in hot conditions and contract when cooled thus increasing blood flow. Heated skin profusely secretes sweat at the same time getting rid of all the toxins stored in the body.




YOUR STAY IN CINNAMON - Beauty & Massage
During your visit in our massage salon or dry sauna, you will be provided with:
- Bathrobe
- Towel (after swimming)
- Towel to be used during massage or your stay in the sauna
- Disposable flip-flops
- Set of shower products
- Mineral water (fizzy / still)

We also provide free WIFI and mini bar. Please book at least one hour before your planned stay. Make sure you arrive 15 before the agreed time.
Prosimy o rezerwację minimum godzinę przed planowanym pobytem oraz o przyjście 15 minut wcześniej przed umówionym terminem.

Opening Hours: 12 am - 10 pm.
More information and booking: 0048 537 811 537








Our strengths

Easy Access

Perfectly connected with A2 Motorway, National Road 7 and National Road 8

Free Car Park

Free car park for both cars and coaches

Unique Menu

The menu of Staropolska Inn is truly exceptional


We wish to say a big thank you for the remarkable organisation of "Single i Remixy" ("Singles and Remixes") show, which we had the pleasure to watch, comfortable accommodation, high standard of services and super friendly atmosphere. Professionalism and commitment of the staff resulted in made our stay unforgettable.

Magdalena Belcarz, Raben Transport Sp. z o. o.

The arrangements of the management and staff meeting were impeccable and professional. We highly recommend this facility for both smaller and bigger events.

Dorota Wielgos-Gromadka, JT Zakład Budowy Gazociagów

 Euro-Konsult used the premises of Mazowsze Conference Centre to organise a conference attended by about 100 people. The Centre provides professional customer service as well as excellent facilities for conducting training and conferences. The hotel fully deserves our recommendation.

Kamil Zinczuk, President of the Board of Euro-Konsult

 The School of Leaders Association organised a conference for approx. 150 people. The Centre has been an excellent partner. We fully recommend the Centre. Fine dining, comfortable rooms, well configured conference rooms and professional staff guarantee a pleasant stay. 

Magdalena Plewowska-Semik Stowarzyszenie Szkoła Liderów

We would like to thank for highly professional service we received in Hotel and Inn Mazowsze. The participants of our workshop were leaving fully satisfied with received training. Mazowsze has been a great partner.

Małgorzata Lewandowska, Powiatowe Centrum Pomocy Rodzinie in Płock

We are pleased to leave this positive comment as a thank you for organising and running the meeting and the training session. The event was well looked after by very responsive staff. We would like to thank the organizer, and declare that we will come back in the future.

Monika Kwiecińska, PROXIMUS Foundation

The General Directorate organised a two-day training course for about 40 people. The event was prepared with due care. An attractive price offer was presented; the whole team was very well prepared. The level of provided services needs to be regarded as professional. We are happy to recommend this place.

Anna Liro, Generalna Dyrekcja Ochrony Środowiska


What do you need to know

Conference Centre with accommodation facilities and Staropolska Inn are relatively new. The centre is situated in the forest buffer zone, surrounded by 13 acres of parkland, in the vicinity of three main routes: A2 Motorway, National Road 7 and National Road 8. It is located less than 25 km away from the centre of Warsaw.

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